Akiko Nakae

Japan Mountain Guide Association guide belonging to Association of Japanese Ski Guides. Born in Shiga Japan, lived in Tokyo and Osaka for work and now living in Nagano. Influenced from the parents, started skiing at the age of three.  Spent more than 20 years in construction industry as an engineer and a project manager. From the carrier having good skill of managing cost, schedule and quality as well as communication. Love mountaineering so much and started consulting business for non-Japanese speakers who are interested to come to Japan for outdoor activities.


中江 明子


AST Level 1 WAFA

Major experience

Hokkaido 北海道 - Niseko ニセコ, Furano 富良野, Asahi-dake 旭岳, Kuro-dake 黒岳, Rishiri 利尻, Shari 斜里

Honshu 本州 - Hakuba 白馬, Myoko 妙高, North Alps 北アルプス, South Alps 南アルプス, Shirakawa-go 白川郷, Mt. Fuji 富士山,, Chokai 鳥海山

Overseas - Huascaran Sur ワスカラン南峰, Pisco ピスコ, Mont Blanc モンブラン, Laggin Horn ラギンホルン, Weissmiss Horn ワイスミスホルン, La Meije ラメージュ, Patagonia パタゴニア, Aletsch glacier アレチ氷河