Consulting Fee

5,000 JPY / day * group

Up to two (2) people group

From the third person 1,500 JPY / day * person to be added

Service includes;

High Level tour recommendation

  • Picking up destinations depending on your favor and preference
  • Suggestion on schedule and routing
  • Suitable airports in and out
  • Combining sight seeing, cultural experience and or city activities, if any

Local guide coordination

  • Searching for an appropriate guide for each destination

Lodging coordination

  • Recommendation on accommodation from various selection, Japanese traditional ryokan (inn), luxurious western style hotel, mountain hut or camping tent!
  • All coordination, communication and reservation support for those accommodations

Logistic coordination

  • Recommendation and reservation support for trains and rent-a-car
  • Courier information, if any
  • Drop off and pick up coordination for people on the way, if any

Route introduction for outdoor activities when you don't have a guide

  • Preparation of official 1/25,000 maps or support to download electrical map in your device
  • Route information

Rental gear coordination

  • Outdoor equipments
  • Rental phone / SIM

Risk management documentation support

  • Emergency contact
  • Hospital information

Itinerary creation

Budget plan support

Emergency support (best effort basis)

Please note that what we provide is consulting service, which DOESN'T include any actual trade except Epic Japan fee and expense. All trades and services are to be directly contracted between you and each vender or service provider. We support and coordinate those contracts and agreements.

Guiding fee

Guide fee (40,000 JPY / day + Expense) and Consulting fee when consulting is required.

Up to four (4) clients. Please contact for more than four clients.